Stop Socialism Now PAC – About Us

Socialism is the greatest threat to our freedom.  And that threat is real, and could become a reality in just a few months – unless Americans wake up and help Georgians Save America by Stopping Socialist Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rafael Warnock.

If Biden wins the Presidency, an Ossoff-Warnock victory would mean a 50-50 Senate, with Kamala Harris casting the deciding vote if the courts rule against President Trump and the Biden-Harris ticket wins.

That would give Democrats total control between the White House, the Senate and Nancy Pelosi’s House.

ON DAY ONE: Democrats will end the filibuster, effectively muzzling the 50 Senate Republicans.  Then it’s on to rigging the rules.

FIRST, making Washington DC and Puerto Rico new states, adding four leftist Democrats to the Senate and putting it out of reach for Republicans, possibly forever.

THEN, it’s packing the Supreme Court with as many as six new left-wing justices, all of which will be approved by Senate Democrats.

NEXT UP: THE AGENDA.  Without Republicans or the Courts to stop them, Democrats will move full-speed into turning America into a Socialist nation.

  • Repeal the Trump Tax Cuts and pass new taxes on “the rich.”
  • Implement Red Flag Gun Confiscation, Outlaw so-called Assault Weapons, Mandate gun registration and psychological tests for gun owners. And then, confiscation.
  • Open the Borders and Tear Down the Wall. Give free health care, education, welfare, amnesty and ultimately citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.
  • End Private Health Insurance through their Medicaid for All scheme.
  • Pass the Green New Deal, Ban Fracking and Oil Production, forcing American jobs overseas and destroying our economy.
  • A MASSIVE Blue State Bailout funded by fiscally responsible Red States like Georgia.
  • Overturn the Trump Trade Deals and Reinstate the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal.
  • Reenter the Paris Climate Accords, with America unilaterally dismantling our economy.
  • Share limited COVID-19 vaccines with countries around the world.
  • Overturn Trump Administration rules banning political correctness in public schools.
  • Move the US Embassy in Israel back to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem.
  • Increase Planned Parenthood funding to record levels, while forcing physicians to perform abortions as a condition of keeping their licenses.
  • Mandate hundreds of millions of Low Income Housing Projects in suburban and rural towns across America.
  • Force local communities to rename streets, schools and even towns and counties, and remove historical monuments, as a condition for federal aid.
  • End the Trump Administration fight against Child Sex Trafficking.

Stop Socialism Now PAC is gearing up to run a multi-million dollar independent expenditure campaign to expose Ossoff and Warnock and reelect Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.  But we need your help.

Please consider an immediate donation of $50, $100, $500, $1000, $5000 or more.